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‘Welcome to True Leadership Experience!’

Don’t ask what the world needs.
Rather ask what makes you come alive; then go and do it.
Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.

Howard Thurmon

True Leadership

True Leadership Experience is about experiencing the fullness of our lives, while being a source of inspiration to others. This requires our willingness to be courageous and leave the common grounds into unknown territory: a reaching to places within ourselves where we haven’t been before.

The way we do this, is by stepping into our true leadership and by fully engaging in our life''s journey. This becomes more easy as blind spots are revealed and even though everyone has to make their own discoveries it becomes more joyful when we are supporting each other along the way.

In our journeys we teach the “rules of the game” that source our lives. We build energy and momentum together.

Fortunately, there is more logic involved, and less coincidence than we often think. However, the logic is not just “linear” and therefore not easy to grasp. The way to master the logic and to understand our innate guidance system is by experience: “Words don’t teach, Life Experience does”.


Welkom op de website van True Leadership Experience!
Deze website is vanwege onze internationale doelgroep Engelstalig. Uiteraard staan we u ook graag in het Nederlands te woord. Door uw gegevens in te vullen op het contactformulier stelt u ons in staat om spoedig contact met u op te nemen.

Met dank voor uw belangstelling en vriendelijke groet,

Het True Leadership Experience Team
Andrea Henning, Franciska Moors en Bianca Abma

Our mission

Our mission is to connect with visionary leaders who share the awareness that something exciting is happening in the world and who are seeking leverage to be catalysts in their own business and communities. Leverage is what we offer.